Top 3 Classic DOS Games


A review of the first Doom MS DOS game and some information on how this game evolved over time.

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SimCity was one of the first DOS games to offer a simulation theme and was first available in 1994.

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Command & Conquer - Red Alert

Command and Conquer - Red Alert is a real time strategy game that was introduced for MS-DOS players.

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Classic DOS Games Information

Most people who are now enjoying the action of computer games are playing hose that are designed with the latest technology. However, computer games have been popular since the late 1980s and those that were avid gamers during that time will remember the top hits from MS DOS. These games are now considered out dated and are usually not appealing to today’s gamers. Back then, the graphics were simple while the games were challenging. Soundcards were an option and the manuals for the games were literally the size of a small novel. Some may laugh at the fact that these old MS DOS games were only a few megabytes. Let’s take a trip back to when floppy disks were the rage and the CD-ROM was just getting started.

Any gamer that has been playing computer games for more than 20 years will have fond memories of MS DOS games. These games all had to run in MS-DOS, which was the original operating system of Windows until 2000. These games hold a great sense of nostalgia for many and the era truly presented some of the best games ever created.

DOS games were found in many genres, from action and adventure to simple, yet challenging puzzle games. These games were the rage during the late 80s and many gamers have taken an interest in retro computer games and are actually seeking out old laptops that still run Dos just to get a taste of gaming back in the day.

Accessing the games back then was nothing like today. It took time and knowledge. One would have to insert the floppy and navigate to the drive. They would also have to have a basic understanding of DOS prompts and commands, which were how many of the games were played. There were very few keyboard controls or mouse usage. With these dated games, one would have to enter a command or select from a list of basic commands to make a move in the game.

Here at Classic DOS Games, we provide some basic information about eh most popular games back in time. The focus at this site is on these simple, though exciting DOS games that kept players amused, transfixed and entertained for hours on end. Learn about the leading titles and about the many different types of DOS games that were available before technology boomed.