Command and Conquer - Red Alert

With MS-DOS games, players had access to many genres and Command and Conquer – Red Alert became one of the most popular strategy games offered. The game was first released for Windows 95 and MS-DOS users and was created by Virgin Interactive in 1996. Red Alert was best known for the user interface, which seemed to be much more complex than other DOS games during that time. Players had the ability to type in commands and create different unit groups. The game was easy to control and very easy to learn, which is why it was popular amongst new gamers. Red Alert was one of the very first games to offer online play as well as single player play.

The goal of Red Alert is to defeat enemies that arise in different circumstances before being captured. With Red Alert, players would balance forces between Soviet and Allied armies and players would use the strengths of each side to accomplish missions in the game. Players would also control money to build different items in the game that would enhance the strength of either army. Taking place in the 1950s, Red Alert offered a simulated game that would allow players to prevent the occurrence of World War II.

Command and Conquer – Red Alert had some great expansion packs that enhanced the basic game. In 1997, Counterstrike and The Aftermath were offered and were available for the PC. Both expansion packs were developed by Westwood Studios and offered added missions and more controls. In 1998, Red alert Retaliation was released and this offered an expansion for the PlayStation. With this expansion, players enjoyed new units and maps and also an in-game sidebar code. Red alert Retaliation was later released in a download version for PSP and PS3 in 2009.

Red Alert is a top rated strategy game where players have to combine the strengths of armies to complete assigned missions. The game has been a top choice for strategy fans and is still played by many online. With the offering of console play and download versions, the game became a huge hit and remains one of the top games ever offered for MS-DOS. Red Alert is definitely a must play for retro game fans.



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