Doom was perhaps one of the most popular games to ever be played on the MS-DOS system. The game was introduced in 1993 and is a horror themed game that offered first-person shooting. This is also referred to as a FPS video game. The game was created by id Software and was one of the most influential games to ever be offered. The original game offers nine different levels and was originally offered through mail order and shareware.

When playing Doom, players will take on the role of a space marine, who was later referred to as Doomguy. The goal is to fight the way through the many demons from Hell. One third of the game was distributed via shareware, so it was estimated that he game was played by more than 10 million gamers within the first two years it was available. In addition to being the pioneer game for FPS, the game also offered 3D graphics, which were not yet popular with MS-DOS games. It also offered multiplayer action through a network and offered the ability to add customized modifications through packages that were known as WADs.

The success of the original Doom game lead to many upgrades and future versions of the game. In 1994, Doom II: Hell on Earth was released and various mission packs like Master Levels for Doom II and Final Doom were offered. The games were originally released for play on computers using MS-DOS, but they were later ported to various platforms, allowing millions more to enjoy the action of the game. Years later, in 2004, Doom III was released using some new technology and Doom 4 was released in 2008, which was later simply called Doom.

Since all of the games were first person shooter games, the game was viewed through the eyes of the player. The gameplay is very similar to classic shooter games, but added the component of surviving the many levels by shooting various enemies. This was one of the first games to be presented in 3D, which lead to its huge success over the years. The game is still enjoyed by many around the world and is available for play on later versions of Windows software. With Doom, the excitement never ends and this is surely one of the best MS-DOS games ever created.



Doom v1.666 Shareware Episode (2,442,984 bytes) 1 September 1994 DOS
Doom v1.25 Shareware Episode (2,241,621 bytes) 21 April 1994 DOS
Doom v1.2 Shareware Episode (2,256,322 bytes) 17 February 1994 DOS