Mobile App Gaming

While a majority of gamers still enjoy playing PC games, there are more and more players who are using their mobile devices to game anywhere, at any time. Since mobile phones with internet connections have been introduced, these devices have been used to download apps to play some of the most popular games available IN fact, the worldwide spending amount on mobile game applications has tripled in the year 2013, amounting to more than $16 billion being spent on mobile gaming.

A mobile game is classified as any game that is played on a mobile device, which can include a portable media player, PDA, tablet, smartphone or even a calculator. The very first mobile game that was available on a mobile phone was a Tetris game, offered in 1994. Most mobile games that are played now are downloaded applications that are installed to the device. The first downloadable mobile game was offered in 2000 and now, most mobile devices will allow for game applications to be downloaded via various sites and application stores.

Some of the first mobile game apps made use of the device’s camera. In 2003, Namco offered a fighting game that used the camera to create a character for the game that was actually based on the player’s profile. There was also a virtual pet game offered in the same year from Panasonic and the pet was fed by photos that were taken with the mobile phone. The games that are now available are much more enhanced and will require a download to the phone or device to play.

The launch of the apple App Store drastically changed the industry and in 2008, hundreds of mobile apps were offered to mobile gamers. However, this did limit players since the apps were only available to those using an Apple device. Today, there are many other apps that can be downloaded through Google Play, Play Stores and other sources, all adding content to a mobile device that will allow for gaming.

The smartphone and table games that are available today have come a long way from the basic and simple games of yesteryear. The graphics are astounding and replicate what would be enjoyed on a gaming console like Nintendo or PlayStation. With the great internet connections, mobile game apps are often multi-player games, allowing many players to connect and play the same game at the same time.