Scorched Earth

Scorched Earth was a popular game during the MS-DOS era and it is a shareware artillery game that offers players the ability to employ strategic moves to win. The game is a tank battle game that is presented on two-dimensional terrains. The goal is for each player in the game to adjust an angle and power their tank before each shot is taken. The slogan of the game is “The Mother of all Games,” which was coined in 1991 as the Gulf War was taking place. With this game, there are many changes that can occur and players can win money and payloads. In addition to the many game scenarios, players can also enjoy text messages that can be displayed before firing the tanks.

The weapons that are used on the game range from very small missiles to nuclear weapons. All weapons have the ability to be upgraded which will allow players to move more accurately. Aside from the weapons used, players can also benefit from shields, tank parachutes and recharge batteries.

What made this game exciting was the fact that it could be played with nine other players or computer controlled players. This means that one can enjoy a battle amongst different skilled players to enhance the game.

There have been a number of versions of Scorched Earth released, with the first being 1.0b. This was followed by public versions that included 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and finally, 1.5. The last version of the game was released in 1995. As the game versions progressed, players noticed small changes in graphics, but most of the changed were in the menus that were used. New weapons were also added.

The final version of the game was only offered through shareware and was freely released with no registration requirements. However, if players chose to purchase a registered version, they could use a triple-turreted tank in the game. There were also new lasers offered.

There have been many clone games made to replicate Scorched Earth over the years. These include Scorched 3D, which offered modernised graphics and animations. In 1999, Scorched Earth 2000 was released, which was played through a web browser and supported network play. The 3D remake is very much like the original game and included the same weapons and environments as the first Scorched Earth game.



Scorched Earth v1.0b Freeware Version (89,010 bytes) 14 March 1991 DOS
Scorched Earth v1.0 Shareware Version (127,570 bytes) 20 July 1991 DOS
Scorched Earth v1.1 Shareware Version (219,499 bytes) 23 November 1991 DOS