With the need for power and control, games were excited when the first SimCity game was offered. This was the very first simulation game available and it became a huge hit among PC gamers. First released in 1994, SimCity 2000 was created by Maxis and was designed for players using an Apple Mac system. It was later released to be played on DOS, allowing many more to start enjoying the building of their own empire. The game won the Best Military or Strategy Computer Game Award in 1995.

The original version of SimCity was hugely popular, though other Sim titles did not seem to be a big hit among gamers. This lead to the development of a sequel to the game, known as SimCity 2000. His was a major development and offered a diametric view of the game instead of a simple overhead view. The new version also introduced many new game concepts and players could now enjoy prisons, schools, hospitals, museums and other structures to be built in the city. There were also roads and highways added as well as train stations and subways.

To keep the city running, players would have to figure out how to use power sources like natural gas plants, wind turbines, dams and other power plants. Players could also build highways that lead to other cities to increase the population and trade. To make the game as realistic as possible, players also controlled finances and taxes in the city. These new additions to SimCity 2000 made the game one of the most popular simulation games ever.

Since the game debuted in 1994, it has been released on many platforms ranging from various personal computers to video game systems. In 1995, the SimCity 2000 Special Edition was released for Windows and DOS Pcs. This contained all expansions and offered an Urban Renewal Kit. There was also a network edition that was released in 1996, allowing players to play together online.

The very first version of the game to be offered on a console was the Sega Version, released in 1995. The game offered enhanced graphics and 3D animations. This was followed by editions for PlayStation in 2009 and Nintendo64 in 1997. The game is also available to play on Nintendo64DD, Super Nintendo as well as Game Boy Advance.



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